Blood Pressure App: BP Tracker

Blood Pressure App: BP Tracker

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Blood Pressure App: BP Tracker

Blood Pressure App: BP Tracker

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نسخهٔ ۱.۳.۱۰
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Blood Pressure App: BP Tracker is your professional, reliable and safe blood pressure tracking assistant. It can help you record your blood pressure values, monitor blood pressure trends。

Please keep in mind that this app does NOT measure blood pressure!

⭐ Record blood pressure readings, date and time values of blood pressure measurements (systolic, diastolic) easily.
⭐ Get automatically calculated blood pressure ranges.
⭐ Summarize your blood pressure type by maximum, minimum and average.
⭐ An Interactive chart that clearly illustrates blood pressure trends.
⭐ Check long-term tracking and analysis to monitor blood pressure trends.
⭐ Provides a wealth of blood pressure knowledge.
⭐ Export recorded data reports.

🔥 Why you should Select BP Tracker 🔥
✔ Convenient. Are you still recording your blood pressure measurements every time on a paper form? With this app you can completely record and save systolic, diastolic, and pulse pressures as well as the date and time of the measurement. In addition, you can easily edit, save, or delete the measurements.
✔ Reliable. You can systematically analyze the trend of your blood pressure changes through this app, and each blood pressure measurement data will be clearly arranged in an interactive chart according to the chronological order, thus you can control your blood pressure range timely and effectively.
✔ Professional. You can add systolic and diastolic blood pressure measurements with comments. Identify hypotension, normotension, hypertension, prehypertension, stage I and stage II hypertension with color-coded data. These data are based on the latest ACC/AHA and ESC/ESH classifications. The classification is intended as a guide and is not mandatory. Therefore, please discuss with your physician before using limited values.

Clearly indicates hypertension, hypotension, and average blood pressure, and analyzes the range of the entered blood pressure.
▸ Hyportension (SYS < 90 and DIA < 60)
▸ Normal (SYS 90-119 and DIA 60-79)
▸ Elevated (SYS 120-129 and DIA 60-79)
▸ Hypertension Stage 1 (SYS 130-139 and DIA 80-89)
▸ Hypertension Stage 2 (SYS 140-180 and DIA 90-120)
▸ Hypertension Crisis (SYS > 180 and DIA > 120)

🔥 Disclaimers 🔥
Blood Pressure App: BP Tracker is not intended for medical use. It is designed for general fitness and health purposes and is not a medical device. There is no application that can replace a professional medical measuring device. Please use a professional FDA approved blood pressure monitor to measure your blood pressure.

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