Face Detector Lock Screen for Prank

Face Detector Lock Screen for Prank

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b>🎨Tired of current lock screen? You can try Face detection lock screen to unlock your phone! This Face detection lock screen, you can not only use it for fun, but also protect your privacy!🎨

Face detection lock screen is a special style lock screen for you. When you press finger on screen ,there's a frame that pretend to detect your face, then screen will be unlocked in a second. So please notice that Face detection lock screen can not really detect your face, it’s not a real face detector.

✨Try this stylish face detection style lock screen, you can use it to prank friends, just play a joke with friends! Use Face Detector Lock Prank to protect your apps with your face! Your face is the key to unlock them. ✨

Face detection Lock Screen is compatible with almost every android device. All the actions can be performed very easily.

Please know that this Face detection lock screen Prank is intended to simulate a Face detection scanner. Face detection lock screen Prank is designed for entertainment purposes only.

Face detection screen lock is highly customizable. Have fun detecting the faces and save the faces of your friends and acquaintances!

The Face detection lock screen has a huge theme store. We provide you more than 1000 stylish locker screen themes & wallpapers! With various styles, you can choose your favorite one anytime and anywhere. Don’t hesitate to download this lock screen.

※ Decorate your phone - Plenty of high quality 3D effect lock screens for you to choose.
※ Various styles - Fingerprint style, natural scenery, cute animals…...
※ Realistic effect -1080 full HD realistic lock screen wallpapers provided.
※ Protect your privacy- Set your own password to protect your privacy.


🎨 Huge theme store
A variety of lock screens for you! Locker themes with great 3D wallpapers and realistic effects, including HD fidget spinner style locker, butterfly lock screen saver, zipper style locker…… If you want to try more, please download in our application store.

We also support different ways to unlock screen
Don’t like the way of unlocking screen? Don’t worry, we provide more lockers with different ways to unlock. You can try slide to unlock, long press to unlock, draw pattern to unlock, press fingerprint to unlock screen and Pin lock, but fingerprint locker cannot really identify your fingerprint. It's just a simulated app for fun .

🔐Protect privacy
Hate someone who snoops your phone? Please just try appLock feature! App Lock will prevent intruders from checking your photos, videos, messages and contacts. Set a password for your apps, no one can use the apps expect yourself. Enjoy this app locker!

⌚️ Shows digital clock, date
Accurate time display on your home screen, very convenient for you to know the time and date! We also provide some other lock screens with weather information.
This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

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