Spheres BlackBlue Contacts&Dialer Theme

Spheres BlackBlue Contacts&Dialer Theme

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With a unique design for unique people, we bring you the beautiful black and blue mixed bubble theme for drupe contacts and dialer. This is a theme with black and blue circle spherical keys over a black and blue shiny background. This free dark theme for drupe Contacts & Dialer application will give that extra special look to your phonebook and your dialer!

This is not a standalone application, you need to have drupe Contacts & Dialer installed on your device in order to use this free Theme.

Contacts & Dialer by drupe is a free, smart and colorful dialer replacement application for Android that can change its looks with many free themes. With just one swipe, drupe brings your contacts and communication apps to one screen.

- To use this free drupe theme:
Download Theme and Open it
Click “Apply Theme”
Download drupe Contacts & Dialer application
Enjoy the beautiful theme!

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