Talk Wifi

Talk Wifi

نسخه ۱.۳
نصب فعال
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Full duplex voice chat.

Easy to use tool to have a conversation in real time, between 2 devices connected to the same wifi network

How It Works
• Connect both devices to the same wifi network.
• The first will be the Server. Is ready to receive connections.
• In the second, enter the Server Channel and press the connect button.

To enter the Server Channel:
• Search Button.
• Or use the plus and minus buttons.
• Or press the channel label.
• Or use one of your saved channels.

• Voice communication between 2 devices.
• Use it as a phone, but if you prefer to use headphones, press the headphones button.
• All through Wifi or wifi zone of a third device.
• No need internet connection or 2/3/4G.
• Walkie Function: but keep in mind that this is a half duplex solution, which means that the audio will not be received while you send audio.

In Walkie mode, you can use it to listen to your baby. Do not trust the safety of your baby in this app, personally check your baby from time to time.

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