Locus GIS - offline geodata collecting, SHP edits

Locus GIS - offline geodata collecting, SHP edits

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Professional GIS application for offline fieldwork with geodata. It provides data collection, viewing, and updating. All its features are available above a wide selection of online, offline, and WMS maps.

• offline collecting and updating of field data
• saving points with current or arbitrary position
• creating lines and polygons by motion recording
• settings of attributes
• photos, video/audio or drawings as attachments
• guidance to points

• importing and editing ESRI SHP files
• exporting data to ESRI SHP or CSV files
• exporting whole projects to QGIS

• wide range of maps both for online use and for download
• support of WMS sources
• support of offline maps in MBTiles, SQLite, MapsForge, TAR, GEMF, RMAP formats, and custom OpenStreetMap data or map themes

Tools and features
• measuring distances and areas
• searching and filtering of data in the attribute table
• style editing and text labels
• organizing data into layers and projects

Locus GIS is successfully used in a wide range of industries:
• collection of environmental data (ecological scanning, tree surveys ...)
• forestry management and planning,
• agriculture and soil management
• gas and energy distribution
• planning and construction of wind farms
• exploration of mining fields and location of wells
• survey and management of urban facilities
• road constructions and maintenance