Plank Timer - Workout Plan 30 days ,Challenge App

Plank Timer - Workout Plan 30 days ,Challenge App

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By maintaining a push-up position for several minutes with some variations you can find your way to perfectly flat abs and a strong core.

Plank app will guide you through 10 increasing levels, that will train your body to gain strength.

No other physical exercise is needed when you can have different types of planks, as plank makes every single muscle in your bodywork. Learn the correct technique and get your challenge.

Plank will improve your all muscle groups arms, abdominals, back, chest, butt & legs also it can be used for abs workout, arm workout, biceps exercises & triceps exercises 7-minute workout a day and you six-pack abs you will see soon.

Start now 7 minutes a day it very little investment to your body with a great result.

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