Area Calculator For Land

Area Calculator For Land

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Area Calculator For Land

Area Calculator For Land

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نسخهٔ ۱.۰.۳۷
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Area Calculator for Land Gps Measurement is a smart tool for calculating areas on a map accurately and perfectly. This app helps to calculate fields, plots, and sports grounds, once place your point on the map and then calculate area between all points. You can calculate land without any extra knowledge. Area calculator for land GPS measurement is specially designed for professional surveying like civil engineers and architecture engineer. Best tool for measuring each ground shape, such as plots of different types and sizes like rectangle, circle, polygon, and triangle, easily find and measure your desired place.
Farmers can measure their fields with the help of field area measurement; they can make better use of their land and grow their poultry and dairy business. Installing this application in Android makes it easy for growers of maize, wheat, sugarcane and other crops to calculate the area of their cultivated and uncultivated fields annually. It is very essential for agriculture fencing. Contractors can utilize it to get information about cultivated fields and share with their owners, they can easily find out their income. Pilots can also use this app when they are traveling from the top of the fields. Area calculator for land can be very important in mountainous areas where it is difficult to find suitable land for crops. Similarly using this tool, industrialists can make better utilization of their industrial land; they can also increase the production of their products by providing a better environment for their labors. With the help of this, construction companies can make estimates of where they should construct societies and which areas should be built.
Every man needs to measure his area which he can do very comfortably; distance measurement app allows users to calculate their entire distance while jogging and running which you can see in meters and kilometers.
How to use: Area Calculator For Land App?
Open the land area calculator app: Select the measuring area option for calculating the distance and then click on the map draw different and unique shapes according to your field or plot. You can calculate the accurate value to make the marker drag gable; move your finger on a specific area or location. Choose various units like miles, meters, kilometers, yards, and acres using the unit option according to need, land area calculator app have four types of map view like normal, satellite terrain, and hybrid which offer unique views to users.
If you want to remove your last point just click on the remove or undo option. Users can easily clear all work just click on the clear option. Import and export your work easily, If you want to import previous work, you can import by clicking on the given import option. Similarly, if you want to export, this option has been added in this application which allows you to export your work comfortably.
Area calculator for land GPS measurement provides facility to save measured Plots, Fields, Sports Grounds, societies and Other Pointed Areas, click on the given save option, After storing, use it whenever you want. Anyone who wants real-time tracking selects the live option and tracks his current location with the help of a distance tracker app.
Exclusive Features:
Fast Accurate area calculation
Many area units converter
Import /export options
Quick area mapping
Save and undo option for all
Normal, Satellite, hybrid, terrain modes
Land area calculator used for:
-Construction surveys
-For farm management
-Land survey
-Plots and town planner
-Landscape designer
-Sports tracking measurement
-Land record management
-Farm fencing manager
Support and feedback
If you have any technical problems please email us at
Please include all information of problems and attach screenshot if possible. We always ready to hear every idea from you, then try our best effort to make app on top quality

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