LED Clock for Smartwatches

LED Clock for Smartwatches

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Instructions Led Clock

This (free) clock indicates the time by means of LEDs or tumbling digits. In particular, the seconds indication is unique because of the use of 60 LEDs in a circle. There is also a Grandfather Clock built in that can optionally strike every hour.
If you have installed an English voice on your Android device then the clock will also provide spoken information!

This clock is especially made for Smartwatches with Android 4.0 or higher operating system (with 240x240 pixels touch screen).

The LED clock can be configured to your own taste through the settings menu.
You can also press 'long' on the clock itself to activate the settings window.

The five possible settings are:
- American or European date indication.
- Configuration of the Grandfather Clock.
- Whether or not to display the Date.
- Whether or not to show the Seconds.
- English or Dutch language.

To change a setting, you should click 'long' on the relevant line in the settings table.

In each corner of this clock a touch button can be found. Their functions are:
- Settings.
- Menu.
- Clock mode (led or tumbling digits).
- Help text.

The help text will be read aloud by your Android's default TTS voice. Language selection is automatic (English or Dutch).

There is also a more elaborate version of this clock available that can be purchased through the Google Play Store (not for smart watches).

We wish you much pleasure and usefulness of this software.

DSH electronics
Leidschendam, The Netherlands

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