KillSud - killer sudoku

KillSud - killer sudoku

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KillSud - Killer Sudoku is a variation of Sudoku, as described at Wikipedia:

In addition to the rules of regular Sudoku, there are two more rules in KillSud:
1) The sum of all numbers in a cage must match the small number printed in its corner.
2) No number appears more than once in a cage.

Play the exciting game of KillSud and test your skills.

* KillSud contains over 4,000 puzzles ranging from fairly easy to really complicated in 6 levels of difficulty.
* A special sum calculator to help in choosing the numbers.
* Detailed help is available under "menu".
* AutoSave / AutoRestore of ongoing puzzle.
* Undo moves (no redo) - See Help for details.

If you encounter any bug in KillSud please e-mail the developer with details. Don't report it in reviews

NOTE1: Click the white area of the running timer to toggle showing elapsed time on/off.

NOTE2: The little purple box below the [new] button is an addition helper. Click on it and the sum of the "marked cage" is added.
To prevent adding the same cage twice, each cage can be added to the addition helper ONLY ONCE (until the helper is cleared)
Long-click the helper to clear it.