Neon Music Keyboard

Neon Music Keyboard

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Neon Music keyboard theme will make your device look awesome! It will bring you into an amazing world of themes. 😍
Neon Music keyboard is an neon keyboard theme with Neon Music background. If you love neon and Neon Music style, don't miss it! 💕
The experience of using Neon Music keyboard theme will amaze you, since Neon Music is designed to give neon and music mobile keyboard experience to users. 😙
Both neon element and music element will give you an immersed experience in Neon Music theme. 🌴

🙈Features of Neon Music Keyboard🙈

🙋Neon Music keyboard can bring a perfect and faster experience for input method.

🙋More than 1,000 emojis are available for you. Neon Music keyboard will help you express different moods since there are thousands of diversified emojis.

🙋You can share your ideas directly since Neon Music keyboard have plenty of GIFs. It will add more fun to your typing experience.

🙋Wherever you come from, there is a language for you!
Neon Music keyboard theme supports 85 different languages covering 138 different countries.

🙋Smart reply can greatly drive up your communication efficiency!
The keyboard app can offer suggested reply to you based on the messages you received.

🙋 Neon Music keyboard theme offers tips of highlighted errors.
It can help you avoid typos before sending the message to your friends.

🙋 Enjoy wonderful sound of music when using the Neon Music theme.
The sound of music will create an interesting atmosphere based on neon element and music element.

🙋 Smart Search with a single tap.
You can search for images, gifs, news, and videos and other information immediately without switching apps.

🚀Let’s go get Neon Music keyboard theme right now 🚀

⚡Choose your favorite Neon Music keyboard theme
⚡Download this Keyboard app for your device
⚡Enjoy your trip of themes

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