Garny - Preview Instagram feed

Garny - Preview Instagram feed

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You're dreaming about a perfect Instagram profile, trying to select the best photo to be harmonious and consistent with your Instagram content, aren't you?
Garny will help you achieve it! Preview your photos before posting them on Instagram with Garny!
Finally all you need in one app!


* Plan & Preview your Instagram Feed

* Add photos & videos
 & carousels
* Add multiple media items at once from Gallery
* Drag & Drop to rearrange
* Swap to rearrange
* Multiple Instagram accounts
* Schedule photos & videos
 & carousels (*For now Garny doesn’t auto-post to Instagram. Push notification is sent as a reminder)
* Add a caption to a post
* Create & Add hashtag collections
* Save photos & videos
 & carousels & hashtags by Instagram link
* Repost photos & videos with/without description

No Internet & Login required to start. More features are coming soon! ;)

Show how amazing your stories are!

Instagram: @garnyapp

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