DODO Wallet - Renewable Energy, Blockchain, Wallet

DODO Wallet - Renewable Energy, Blockchain, Wallet

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Decentralized renewable energy platform DoRen, A easy wallet that holds not only the DoRen token (Doren/Doikan) but also the Ethereum/USDT! Check out the new and transparent renewable energy control service based on the blockchain.

Main function:
[Energy Monitoring]
- A transparent, reliable, and transparent data processing integration solution based on a blockchain.
- Connecting new renewable energy to the block
- Power generation control charts available at a glance every day
- Create blocks in real-time and check the creation blocks can be created.

- Token DRE/DKT based on ERC-20
- Also can store ETH and USDT (erc-20)
- Fast transfer 24 hours
- My own custom! You can choose the color of your card

- Decentralized investment DeFi solution for DRE holders
- Tokens can be used to realize regular profits