GPS Navigation - Map Locator

GPS Navigation - Map Locator

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GPS Navigation - Map Locator

GPS Navigation - Map Locator

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دسته‌بندی سفر
حجم ۳۲ مگابایت
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GPS Navigation - Map Locator:- use the navigation feature to voice-navigate through
the city on various routes, to set waypoints in the GPS, to get directions in the speak
map, and to provide live maps for navigation and transportation while driving rather than
With gps navigation free app, set your current location for your work location,
destination, and navigation with voice directions so you can drive there every day, and
for traffic maps with real-time traffic updates.
You can see the route with precise directions in this GPS navigation app, which is very
beneficial for navigating to the destination step by step and with a comprehensive guide.
Gps navigation and map direction:- the route can also be found and navigated using
voice commands. Just use voice navigation while speaking your routes.
You can still place markers using this app even if there is no internet connection
because it uses Google Maps and additional sources.
Yes you heard it right. Our gps navigation offline free app you can use maps even
without the internet connection.
Getting Around Without the Internet:
• Numerous free map updates each year in gps navigation direction map app.
• GPS voice-guided directions with spoken street names and accurate directions.
• Countless interesting Locations.
• Satellite Maps - Use the satellite view to find your desired address, a point of interest,
or a list of favorites.
• Make your navigation arrow personalized. Try the common van, car, or even the
• GPS navigation for pedestrians that includes walking instructions and tourist
Key Features And Functionality Of Our Gps Navigation Map Direction
● Offline atlases
● Search using voice.
● Route monitoring.
● Recalculating the route automatically.
● Turn-by-turn directions with a map and a view of the current maneuver.
● Using the autocomplete search option to find addresses and locations.
● Three different route modes: cycling, driving, and walking.
● Route maneuvers sneak peek.
● distance, speed, and ETA calculations.
● Lists of favorites and history.
● Changing the color of the map.
● Metric or imperial unit choice.
● Lock screen mode keeps the map visible at all times.
● Simple and straightforward configuration.
● Finding the best route based on your preferences; stay off of toll roads and other
major thoroughfares.
Map Locator - You can plan your travels and carry them out on schedule, without
hassle, and anywhere in the world.
Users of this map locator app will be able to navigate without any real difficulty by using
the route finder, choosing from a variety of locations, activating GPS navigation, and
then listening to voice directions.
With an amazing and useful map locator app offline, you can see satellite view, use
voice navigation, and earth map features, Gps Navigation: Road Map Route is for you.
This Map Locator finds your current location, displays a satellite view in 3D, and lets you
search for any location on a global satellite map. Discover the world using the gps map
navigation feature. Get route guidance and GPS tracking.
Now it’s easy to plan your route using GPS to drive, run, walk, ride, or take public
transportation. Everything can be done with gps navigation direction map app

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