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Before leaving a comment or a note, please consult the FAQ here : https://lockito-app.com/troubleshooting

Lockito allows you to make your phone follow a fake itinerary, with total control over the speed, altitude and GPS signal accuracy. You can also simulate a static location.
This is the must-have tool for any Android developers who needs to test geofencing-based apps or just test his app on different locations.

Important: If mocked location seems to jump to real one during simulation, try to turn off wifi based locations (Settings / Location / Mode --> Device only).

Note: You have to activate mock location in developer menu to have this application works on a unrooted device. For root devices, you just have to move Lockito in /system/app folder (or /system/priv-app on Android >= 4.4). To do that you can use https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.j4velin.systemappmover

Tags: gps, simulation, geolocation, geofencing, fake, spoof, mock, location, latitude, longitude, itinerary, simulate, movement, moving, walking, bicycling, driving

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