Laser Flux - Laser Logic Game

Laser Flux - Laser Logic Game

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Enjoy new laser puzzle game. Optimise laser path to hit the target. Pick your own game style and colour. Challenge yourself and other players in global rankings.

Main features:
* Global leader boards, sign in main menu
* Unlimited number of levels
* Hint path for beginner player

How to play:
Drag and drop colour elements in game space. Arrange all elements in the way laser beam from laser source triangle hits all three squared laser mirrors. If all the three mirrors are hit, target element is activated. After beam hits it, you can proceed to newly generated unique level.

Don't be worry if your first runs will take some time. You can use hint button for huge help. After time, you will be able to finish all the levels in quite short time.

Thank you for downloading, trying and playing my game! :)