HD Video Player All Format

HD Video Player All Format

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نصب +۲ هزار
دسته‌بندی عکاسی و ویدیو
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HD Video Player All Format

HD Video Player All Format

CV All in One MP4 HD Video Player for All Format
نسخهٔ ۱.۹.۸
نصب +۲ هزار
دسته‌بندی عکاسی و ویدیو
حجم ۴۹ مگابایت
آخرین بروزرسانی ۳ فروردین ۱۴۰۳
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Are you looking for an All-in-one video player which can play All format videos and is a MP3 Music Player as well?

CV Infotech presents MP4 Player - Video Player All format, A professional video playback tool which supports all video formats including MP4, 4K, Ultra HD, Full HD videos with subtitles support and is also a music player.

Hurrah, there’s no need to download two different apps to listen to music and to play video. Mp4 Player - Video Player All format got it all covered.
Now, you can listen to music and play videos at the same place whenever you want.

This app is solely developed in India.

Perks of downloading Mp4 Player - Video Player All format
It is a free mp3/avi player.
* It supports all kinds of file formats like mp3, mp4, wav, Mkv, avi, etc.
* You can Keep your mp3 and mp4 files together.
* This app takes minimal space in your device storage.
* You will be getting superb video and audio quality.

Now the question is why only Mp4 Player - Video Player All format? What makes this app different from others? Here, know about these unique features that the CVI MP4 Player offers you.

Screen in picture mode - This feature allows you to see the videos in picture mode when you are using other applications.

Take a screenshot - Capture any moment from your HD video player while watching it on your android device.

Dark and sleep mode - This mp4 player offers you a dark theme as well as you can set a timer when you want the video to stop.
Background play - this interesting feature says that you can play video as audio in the background if you are using another application.

Features that make our app stand out from other video and music players:
Free music and video player - where you can enjoy a free mp3 player in-built that will allow you to play music with the best audio quality. Talking about video players, you can enjoy free videos in any format including HD and 4k videos by downloading the mp4 player.

Compatibility check - This app is very much compatible with all android devices and runs effortlessly on every android device.
Control the speed - you can change the speed of the video you are watching according to your wish.

Less memory usage - This all-media player takes less space and uses less memory storage. The presence of this feature makes this the best mp3, mp4 media player app.

Find your audio and video in the mp4 player library - when you will give this app access permission to your phone, then this app will automatically save all the audio and videos that you will install on your phone in its library. So, you will not be facing any trouble while searching.

Make your playlist - You can make your customized playlist and boom no more shuffling of songs.

Graphic equalizer - This in-built mp3 and mp4 app allow you to cut or boost certain frequencies to alter the sound. A graphic equalizer is a very interesting feature that you can try by installing this application.

Screen lock supported/privacy -this mp4 player allows you to enable child/screen lock.

In-app purchase and enjoy ad-free music and videos - To provide more comfort to our users, we have this feature where you have to do this minor in-app purchase. By doing this, you can use unlimited ad-free music and videos.
Regular updates - we provide regular updates to our users. You just need to turn on the app notifications to get the regular updates.

We have made this Mp4 Player - Video Player All format application by keeping the comfort level of our users in our minds. User interest is what matters. We are booming this application day by day. This mp4 player is the best audio video player you will ever see.

Users’ relevant views are always taken into concern by us. You can drop your feedback for this app in the comment section. You can contact us at apps@cvinfotech.com

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