Computer Shortcut Keys & keyboard Run command

Computer Shortcut Keys & keyboard Run command

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One single app and all the required shortcuts for users. Boost your learning capacity and impress others with your intimate knowledge.

Computer Shortcut Keys App introduced specially for the beginners will help to make working speed much faster. This is one of the best educational free applications currently available on play store for all users, which makes you aware of computer shortcuts of all platforms like Windows, MS office, and DOS. This app provides you with detailed information about the shortcut keys using simple and understandable English.

Shortcuts with windows-key (Win key) is the most amazing thing you will get here to enjoy. With Win Key to make your work faster this app consist of Windows Run Commands feature by which you can easily find out the hidden features of your computer. While working with the system, you can check shortcuts and enhance your productivity.

Features of the Computer Keyboard keys offline app
👉🏻 Keyboard Shortcut keys
👉🏻 Windows run commands
👉🏻 Simple user interface
👉🏻 Described every command
👉🏻 Easy to understand
👉🏻 Tips and tricks
👉🏻 Works offline
👉🏻 Videos links
👉🏻 Free of cost

Computer shortcuts keys
• Basic keyboard
• Window Button
• Windows Explorer
• Lots More...

MS Office
• Ms-Word
• Ms-Excel
• Ms-PowerPoint
• MS Access

Categories of Shortcut Keys….
- Basic Shortcut Keys
- Windows
- Basic Shortcut Keys for Mac OS
- MS Word
- MS Excel
- MS Access
- Chrome
- Firefox
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Flash
- Corel Draw
- Adobe Page Maker
- And many more

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