Ultimate Lion vs Dinosaur: Wild Adventure

Ultimate Lion vs Dinosaur: Wild Adventure

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Play the combination of cheetah tiger lion vs wild animals but this time face Jurassic beast T-Rex with dinosaur predators and win the battle of survival in 3D safari jungle. You must have played tiger vs dinosaur and lion vs tiger in the jungle adventure but this lion vs dinosaur is a complete simulator for the lovers of lion fighting games. Play as a wild lion and start hunting of T-rex aka tyrannosaurs rex and other dinosaurs types like Spinosaurus, velociraptors, Dilophosaurus and other mighty beasts included raptor, Ankylosaurus and many more. Ultimate Lion vs Dinosaur: Wild Adventure is a combination of lion hunting games 2018. Attack on angry dinosaur with full power with the help of clan of lion and find lioness for the part clan and mate. Other lions in the clan will help you because you will be the alpha of group of wild beasts in RPG mode of gameplay.

Control the beast in all its fury and help it survive by chasing, attacking, fighting and eating other animals and forget other tiger vs dinosaur and lion vs tiger games simulator. Get ready for the adventure 3d of angry lion attack & t-rex dino. Wild lion vs dinosaur fighting adventure is here! Enjoy the astounding jungle animal simulator with action packed missions of animal fighting. Ultimate lion fight with dinosaur hunting simulation gameplay. Attack and fight against the super dinosaur clan and tear down the giant tyrannosaurus with help of clan of lions. Angry lion claw strike can hunt down dangerous wild animals in one strike. Lion vs lion fight game quests are also included for more jungle fighting attack fun. Stay alert and focused the forest lion revenge is on and it chase & hunt them in super dinosaur in the real adventure game.

Features in Ultimate Lion Vs Dinosaur: Wild Adventure

• Realistic forest environment with family, building clan of lions & brutal fighting with dinosaurs.
• RPG style jungle fighter battle gameplay in action simulator 2018.
• Complete lion attack animals quest based sim.
• Vibrant 3D graphics & cool background music in lion vs dinosaur games.
• Thrilling prey hunting challenges in wild safari.
• Attack & hunt prehistoric wild dino with the ferocity of a jungle king.

Take control of a ferocious lion that pounces and attacks its prey to retain the energy and power. Fight with other lion in the lion vs lion fight game and forget other ordinary cheetah tiger lion vs wild animals. This simulator game about lion vs dinosaur games has multiple fighter action missions. Play as wild lion defending its kingship from the violent tyrannosaurus Dino. Get the brutal jungle rampage and start wild jungle adventure, kill aggressive animals and keep hunting the wild dinosaurs. Hunt enemy Jurassic dinosaur and dominate the landscape. Download Ultimate Lion Vs Dinosaur: Wild Adventure and enjoy the hunting and attack quests for wild animal simulation game lovers.

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