Business Card Design - Visiting Card Maker pro

Business Card Design - Visiting Card Maker pro

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Business Card Design - Visiting Card Maker pro

Business Card Design - Visiting Card Maker pro

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Business Card Maker is Business Card Design is Business Card Templates which can Design Business Cards & Visiting Cards for your Company or Brand's identity in matter of minutes for free.
Business Card Maker is not just Visiting Card Maker but its also visiting card design Custom Business Card and Create Business Card app.

This app also have the Key feature of Poster Maker Logo Maker plus Logo Maker Free and Flyer Designer & Thumbnail Maker app.
"Corporate brand is like a person’s reputation. You earn your reputation by acting as a role model, trying to work out your challenging tasks." - Business Card Maker

* Business Card Maker is:
- A simple application which makes your business card in a minute.
- A mini studio that inspires Your Mind.
- An evaluate vision for your brand.
- New ways to build your online showcase.
* Business Cards does:
- Create any custom color card or pick your own image.
- Point your business card with many elements.
- Save your business time without any designer.
* Visiting Card maker :
Can design various type of Visiting Cards and its quite easy to use.
* Business Card Maker how to make:
- Choose your business (name) card type: flat color or use template or insert your own image.
- Design yourself as easy as you can do:
Insert texts like your name, company name, mobile number, email address, website, etc...
Add border lines or lines to make more engaging.
Useful elements: Predefined symbol like mobile, email, website, location, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc...

Easy to make any logo within or make your own logo with our other application.
- Powerful to edit your texts, elements, symbols: change fonts, size, style, color.
- Navigate your element using 4 arrow key for editing detail.

* Business Card Maker can:
- Make your evaluate business card more and more.
- Printable or digital business card showcase to your clients.
- Help you to control the quality of your brand, reduce time wasted in searching or rent freelancer designer.
- Custom card, custom your mind, custom your brand and bring many materials for specialist in marketing communications.

Get Business Card Maker right now and lets your mind fly over the worlds!

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