Whats Status Saver & Download for WA Messenger

Whats Status Saver & Download for WA Messenger

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★★★ The Best #1 Downloader Whats App Status - FREE ★★★

Whats Status Saver is the most beloved app for downloading photos, videos & GIF's from WhatsApp and WhatsApp stories.

WhatsApp Status Saver helps you save and save WhatsApp photos, videos & GIFs on your device for free and forever.

Now you can quickly view WhatsApp photos, videos & GIFs offline by downloading Whats Status Saver for WhatsApp, App. It's different from other Photo, Video & GIF Download Apps for WhatsApp, it's very easy and fast to use for downloading videos, photos & gif's.

Key Features :
✔ Easily download images and videos from a WhatsApp story
✔ Fast download speed.
✔ Manage quickly stored photos and videos.
✔ amazing photo views with slideshows and more.
✔ Repost, share & delete photos and videos from the Whats Status Saver app.
✔ Save your saved photos and videos immediately
✔ No registration required

Steps to use:
1. Open the Whats Status Saver app
2. Then click on the desired status and choose the stories you want to download
3. Now your chosen story will be downloaded

Enjoy the Whats Status Saver App for WhatsApp. Please write us your suggestion if we can improve something.

Please do not use this app to store photos, videos & GIFs without the permission of their respective owners. Note the rights of WhatsApp users. We respect the rights of WhatsApp. We only use the content that WhatsApp allows us developers.

You need help? Then send us an e-mail to: android@constructmedia.de

This is no official app from WhatsApp!
WhatsApp is a registered trademark of WhatsApp, Inc

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