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App Usage

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"Screen Usage Time" is a powerful mobile phone statistical analysis and health reminder tool that helps you improve your mobile phone dependence, reduce app addiction, and return to normal work and study.

Our original intention of designing "screen time" is only one-to allow you to reasonably plan time and use time. Mainly use app usage and apk analysis functions. It can be used to count your daily use of the screen and the use time of each APP, so as to intelligently remind you of the health of your mobile phone, and remind your eyes, hands and neck.

It also supports setting application locks for your mobile phone applications, preventing addiction, restricting the use time, controlling the phone time, and ranking statistics on the application time you use every day to help you stay away from the temptation of mobile phones. Better self-discipline and better Manage time, plan time, improve personal efficiency, and complete your life goals.

I am honored to introduce to you "screen time" in more detail. I sincerely hope you like it.

"Mobile phone usage time statistics"
·Creative animation chart data display.
·Time fragments show details of the day's screen time.
·Daily or weekly APP usage time, opening times and notification times record.
· The number of unlocks of the phone
·Statistics can be viewed by adding desktop widgets, which is more direct.
·More historical data statistics over seven days, detailed time list report display.
·Export and backup of statistical data to Excel.

"App limit"
·A single or a group of applications can set the usage time limit.
·Support the entire mobile phone usage time limit.
·The relatives assist in setting up the app lock and controlling the child's use time.
·Force the phone to be locked and not to control the phone.

"Health Reminder"
·It is recommended to take a 1 minute break every 30 minutes of mobile phone use.
·Remind to move your eyes, hands and neck regularly.

"Application Analysis"
·Analyze the APK of the applications in your mobile phone in an all-round way, view APK MD5, APK SHA1, APK SHA256 and other information.
·Extract APP, extract APK, and share APK with friends.

"Extra Features"
·Customize the background image.
·Hidden functional components are more focused.