Dominoes War

Dominoes War

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Dominoes war is an online Iranian strategy game with very unique, new and different concepts attached into it.



* Build your own empire and help to improve the city.

* Add new features to your city in various fields such as agriculture, science and technology in order to increase the level of prosperity and security of your empire.

* Achieve new honor badges by improving your city.

* Become a popular leader by increasing the level of happiness of your citizens in order to gain more taxes.

* Defend your city and people by improving fortress defense against the invaders by adding mines, archers, and city guards.

* Summon your portal guard to travel to distant lands and attack other rulers and players to gain wealth and glory.

* Train and improve you forces with multiple levels of upgrades in order to build an unstoppable army.

Please spread the word about the game by introducing the game to your friends.

The main priority for us is your satisfaction, in case of any problem with the game, please get in touch with us by sending an email to:, the members of the team will get in touch with you as soon as possible in order to resolve the problem.

For the latest news regarding the game and any upcoming events please follow us on Telegram:

Please send us any ideas you have which might be helpful to improve the game.

PLEASE NOTE: A network connection is also required

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