IR Smart Remote

IR Smart Remote

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IR Smart Remote is an universal IR-based remote control app. With some mobile model built-in with IR blaster(such as Samsung S4) or our mobile accessories, you can turn your smart phone into a IR remote control. You can use our app to control TV/Air conditioning/STB/DVD/projectors and many other appliances. From now on, you do not have to use a bunch of remote controls any more. You can control everything wherever you go!!!
※ Support IR learning : "copy" your remote control to the smart phone, throw your original remote control and the batteries!
※ Support built-in IR mobile phone: Support Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note3/Note4, HTC ONE/M7/M8, LG G3/G4, Xiaomi 4.(built-in IR learning function is not supported).
※ Massive remote databases: Remote control lost? You can matched the remote and your appliance through our massive cloud-based remote databases!
※ Selfie Function: Remote control your phone to take a photo!
※ Custom remote control layouts: You can defined the remote control layouts all by yourself!

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We are an team focusing on intelligent hardware. If you have any problems about purchasing our mobile accessories, using our software, or have any other questions or suggestions, welcome to contact us, our email is: We are very interested to hear your comments and feedback!

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