Fluvid – Screen Video Recorder and Live Stream

Fluvid – Screen Video Recorder and Live Stream

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Now you can easily manage your Fluvid videos on the go!

Access your Fluvid video library and share your recorded Fluvid videos directly from your mobile device to anyone from anywhere and anytime at your convenience.

With the Latest Fluvid App you can: -

• Organize your videos & folders

• Change your Video Title, Description and Tags

• Change Privacy options of any video

• Edit your videos using the Crop & Trim features

• Add Thumbnails to your videos

• Add a Call To Action Button

• Download your videos in MP4 format on your phone

• Social media sharing of Fluvid videos

• Share videos directly on Whatsapp and other instant messaging platforms

What is Fluvid?

Record + Live Stream + Engage + Share = Fluvid

Fluvid is a FREE and simple to use online screen capture, video recording, and LIVE streaming tool, specifically curated to boost productivity and save time. Everyone can master Fluvid. No experience necessary. The best part is you can share your videos with others with just 1 click without using any 3rd party sharing tools.

***Currently video creation is only available through Fluvid chrome extension. You can download the chrome extension from the chrome web store and get started with your first Fluvid video.

Install Fluvid Chrome Extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fluvid-screen-video-recor/hfadalcgppcbffdnichplalnmhjbabbm


• Unlimited Live Streaming to unlimited viewers

• Unlimited secure cloud space

• Unlimited number of recordings

• Unlimited recording duration

• Unlimited export of videos in MP4 format

• Unlimited access to people over a secure and private channel

• Unlimited groups and email sharing

Fluvid Screen Recorder Features:

• High-Quality Screen Recording

• LIVE Streaming mode

• Editing features like Crop and Trim

• Instant Sharing of Fluvid Videos

• Controlled Access through password protection

• Add Customized Thumbnails, Title, and Description

• Better Space & Dashboard management

• Export videos in MP4 format for cross-platform sharing

• Access to advanced drawing tools for presentations

• Add Customized Call to Action Button on the video player

For more information or any queries related to the product, you can reach out to us at hello@fluvid.com