Universal TV Remote Control

Universal TV Remote Control

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Universal TV Remote Control

Universal TV Remote Control

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نصب +۵ هزار
دسته‌بندی آموزش
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Would you like to use Universal TV Remote Control and Smart TV Remotes App in All countries? Then Universal Remote Controller for TV is for you.

Control universal TV remote is a free app to control your smart TV functions through Wi-Fi and built-in IR Blaster. With Wi-Fi, it is necessary that your control remoto universal and smart TV connected to same network. For IR TVs, this universal remote TV remote control works if your mobile have built-in infrared feature. Navigate on your smart television, play/pause/stop videos using best Smart TV Remote Control for TV app.

Universal remote control for TV is very useful when you can't find your physical smart TV remote at your home. TV remote control for all TV will control all functionality from your mobile. You can use remote control TV for all TV brands. Control Universal TV remote for smart TV is a tool on your phone which can replace your physical TV remote. This free universal remote for smart TV makes your life easy and relax.

Control your smart TV through smart TV remote control with Wi-Fi and IR functionalities. Universal TV control remote is easy and simple to use. Universal TV remote app support all types of TV brands. . In this universal remote control TV, the IR feature is required to send signals from your mobile to the control smart TV just like a simple TV remote. You can try this free smart TV remote control for TV in your universal TV control to convert your device functionality into remote app. This control universal smart TV remote control app is very easy to configure for your control smart TV.

Key Functionalities of the Remote TV control app :
✔️ universal TV control Home screen
✔️ Simple ON / OFF Power control
✔️ Main Menu Button to change menu
✔️ Play / Stop / Reverse / Forward
✔️ Mute / Un-Mute voice button
✔️ Universal TV remote Channel index and lists button
✔️ Up / Down / Left / Right Navigation.
✔️ Volume Control button Up/ Down

Key Feature of Remote control for TV app:
✔️ Support all type of TV brands
✔️ Power On/Off control from mobile
✔️ Increase/Decrease Volume with TV remote
✔️ Change channels according to your mood
✔️ Both IR and Wi-Fi functionalities supported
✔️ Menu buttons with up/down and mute/unmute
✔️ Share files from phones to smart TV
✔️ No sign up, free to use led TV remote
✔️ mobile remotes control TV has friendly user Interface

Universal TV Remote Control app supported TV brands:
• TV remote for Sony
• Smart TV remote for Samsung
• TV remote for LG
• Universal TV remote for Kenwood
• TV remote for TCL
• TV remote app for Gree
• TV remote control for Panasonic
• TV remote for Haier TV
• led TV remote for Toshiba
• TV remote for Philips
• led TV remote for Eco Star
• TV remote for Orient
• TV remote for Xiaomi and many more

Notice about Smart TV Remote Control for TV:

This smart TV remote control requires Wi-Fi and IR blaster, you should have infrared sensor in your mobile phone. Either your phone and smart TV connected to same Wi-Fi network or you have IR built-in feature in your smartphone. Otherwise this TV control remote app does not work.

If you found any issue in universal TV remote control app, then feels free to share your problems with us through an email. So we can resolve issue for you as soon as possible. Enjoy universal remote TV remote control app for free.

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