TWISPER: Positive food & travel recommendations

TWISPER: Positive food & travel recommendations

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TWISPER is the new social travel app to share and discover recommendations with your trusted friends. Whether they are great restaurants, beautiful hotels, trendy cafes or amazing bars, save your favorite spots and discover new ones through recommendations from people you trust.

📋 Create your lists of places you love or want to try out. This way, you’ll never forget them!

➕ Add your positive experiences and share them with your friends by uploading your own photos and commenting on your favorite restaurants, hotels, cafes and bars.

🔎 Browse the map to find places near you that your friends have recommended. And if they haven’t visited a location yet, find out about the places that are popular among the entire TWISPER community.

📧 Private message a friend to chat about your latest discoveries, or to organize a meetup at the restaurants, hotels, cafes and bars you want to try out together.

🌇 Through the newsfeed, see what your friends are up to and find interesting new places that they have visited and liked. Each time you recommend great restaurants, hotels, cafes or bars, your activity will show up on your friends’ feeds. They can then like or comment on your experiences.

👨👩 Invite your friends to download TWISPER! The more friends you have, the more recommendations you can get at the tip of your fingers.

👊 The TWISPER community is rapidly growing. With influencers, bloggers, foodies, travelers, magazines and celebrity ambassadors joining the app, you can follow these experts to discover their great recommendations on restaurants, hotels, cafes and bars to visit around the world.

📰 Found some nice places to visit while reading the easyJet Traveller Magazine? Go on TWISPER to see all their recommendations on restaurants, hotels, cafes and bars.

🍝 Looking for a great place to celebrate an occasion? Be advised by award-winning chefs and bartenders on the app.

🌊 Planning a weekend in a new city or looking for new places in your hometown? Follow travel experts on TWISPER to find the best local spots.

🌍 Participate in our regular travel contests for a chance to win amazing getaways and get the opportunity to explore the world and discover new favorite places to add on TWISPER.