Turkcell Digital Operator - Transaction & Shopping

Turkcell Digital Operator - Transaction & Shopping

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You can do many operations such as purchasing a device, loading TL, buying package, paying a mobile bill, inquiring the remaining usage, changing number to Turkcell, debt inquiry and applying for a new mobile line on Digital Operator. You can easily do many other operations in the Digital Operator through the "Digital Store" and "Transaction Center".

• Review Mobile Applications and Device Offerings

"Digital Store" offers smartphones, smart watches, laptops, tablets, and headphones special to you. You can also see the offers made for Turkcell applications that can make your life easier.

• Review Mobile Tariffs and Packages

If you want to change your tariff or package, you can browse Turkcell mobile tariffs and packages offered to you and easily change your tariff or package.

• Remaining Package Inquiry

You can view your remaining usage of your package such as mobile internet, SMS and review the details of your package’s usage limit.

• Turkcell TL and Package Loading

You can load both package and TL in Digital Operator. If you wish, you can also present TL and package for the lines of your loved ones. If you need, you can buy additional packages and make your payments by bank or credit card.

• Switching Between Prepaid and Postpaid Lines

In Digital Operator, where options are offered for both prepaid lines and postpaid lines, you can easily switch from prepaid line to postpaid line or the other way around.

• Bill Inquiry and Bill Payment

In "My Invoices" field, you can view your past and current billing information in details and make your Turkcell bill payment.

• Viewing Products and Services

You can view all the products, campaigns and services you have in "My Products" field.

• Getting Quick Help When Your Mobile Phone Doesn’t Pick Up

In cases when your phone does not pick up, you can make automatic status check by making a connection check. If the problem persists, you can let us know about your problem through Digital Operator.

• Creating Documents With Request and Sending Missing Documents

You can take a photo of your documents and create requests. You can also review the latest status of your previous requests in "My Notifications" field.

• Getting Shake & Win Surprises

You can get surprise gifts such as internet, minutes and digital services by participating in the "Shake Win" campaign being hold in Digital Operator every week.

• Viewing Gifts In The ‘’Gift Pool’’

In the 'Gift Pool', you can see the gifts you have already earned and can be earned in the future from Turkcell. In this way, you can closely follow the campaigns and opportunities for the gifts you can get. You can start using the gifts you have earned whenever you want. If you wish, you can also share your gifts with your beloved ones.

• Personal Alerts, Reminders and Notifications

Digital Operator celebrates your special days with notifications, such as your birthday and anniversary of your first day in Turkcell. You can also receive reminder notifications for your bills’ due date, expired packages and special offers for you.

• Features That Non-Turkcell Users Can Benefit

Digital Operator is open to all operator users. Even if you are a different operator user, you can enter Digital Operator application and benefit from many services. You can buy many technological devices such as smart phones and smart watches from the “Digital Store”. You can buy TL and package as a gift for your loved ones. On the other hand, if you want to apply for a new line or change your number to Turkcell, you can make your applications quickly via Digital Operator and receive your new line to the address you declared.