Prisoners Train Simulator: Transport to jail

Prisoners Train Simulator: Transport to jail

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نصب فعال

Do you like police work, trains and prison games? Drive a prison train by rail as a machinist! Carry criminals to prisons in special wagons, and don't let them escape! Bring all the prisoners behind bars!

The prison police train was created to transport dangerous criminals. Its windows are covered by bars, and the machinist is always on the alert. Don’t let any prisoner break through – each jail criminal must be delivered to the place of his punishment!

The prison is waiting for your passengers! Lead your prison transport train out from the train yard to the police yard, and beware of your jail criminal passengers! Do not let them escape and bring the prisoners to the right station!

Control your prisoners transporter train on the rails! To carry criminals is dangerous, but profitable! Earn money to transport prisoners. Improve the police train and add new wagons with bars to carry even more! Open other prison trains and prison transport mods!

Maybe the prison life is uneasy, but it’s not your problem! Ride on your police transport train, deliver your unsettled passengers between stations and have fun with our jail game!

To drive a police train is not an easy task! Check your courage and ability to control the train carefully, when passengers are dangerous criminals, ready for anything! Try yourself as a prison train driver with our unusual train transportation game!

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