WiFi & Mobile Data Switch

WiFi & Mobile Data Switch

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Wi-Fi & Mobile Data Switch - is a simple toggle widget for turning WiFi and Mobile Data ON/OFF.

Are you looking for a widget which will allow you to have a control over WiFi and Mobile Data simultaneously? If yes, this is exactly what you need!

The widget itself is easy to use and always displays the current state of connection. It has a beautiful Android style with a slightly transparent background, therefore fitting in perfectly on any screen, without being too intrusive.

Switching mobile data on and off is only available from Settings screen since Android 5.0! We are very sorry, but currently not able to provide other solution than a screen-redirection.
After install, you can find the widget along with others, either by long-pressing home screen or by navigating to Widgets tab in menu (depends on the device).


* Feel free to email me in case of any issues!

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