Fast Eye - Odd One Out

Fast Eye - Odd One Out

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Fast Eye - Odd One Out the game need the ability eyed, memory and fast your hand.

Do you have sharp eyes? Can you quickly find the different one?
Beat the clock and find the odd one out from the images on screen or find the pic that is slightly different than the others! New from the makers of What's the Difference!
Unleash your amazing power of observation, improve your attention, exercise your eyesight !
A unique and challenging take on traditional 'spot the difference' games.

Your task is very simple, Simply spot and select the different image within the time limit.
Other games try to test your reflexes, but how fast are your eyes? The object is simple, but the challenge is hard. Can you spot the slightly different pic, emoji, or logo hidden among ones just like it?
With over a thousand high quality pics, logos, emojis, and more, Fast Eye - Odd 1 Out! provides endless hours of brain teasing fun!

People young and old have been enjoying spot the difference games for generations. It’s the classic game you love, now in the palm of your hand!
Repeating this exercise throughout your day can help to improve your picture perception and help you to focus more clearly.

This is a great game to check the eye, memory and test iq or time burning while there was nothing doing.

Why our game?
1) Beautiful cute images
2) This is a favorite game of millions people since childhood!
3) Super exciting and easy to play
4) The game has no annoying timer - no rush, just enjoy the game!
5) Helps your concentration and hand-eye coordination
6) Large number of colorful levels (will be available soon with updates, and for downloading).
7) Internet is not mandatory to this free application.
8) Challenge your friends and see who gets the highest score!

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