Safari Archer: Animal Hunter

Safari Archer: Animal Hunter

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نصب فعال

This game is a free archery game, animal hunting and shooting game. Archers go to safari with bow and arrows. Become a safari hunter! It is hunter and/or shooter action game. It is also safari animals simulator, it is includes more than twenty animals and birds.
However, if you love hunter games, you may play "Dinosaur Hunter: Dino Archer" dinosaur hunter game by Natural Action Games on the store. Coming soon, the future of deer hunting of mountain forests version for lovers of hunting game.

Let's take on bow to hand, put on arrows our quiver, scroll through the forest on horseback.
Ride your brown horse, enter into the wild life of safari at african plain savanna.Hunting between wild African animals. You have to kill wild beasts. You do not die. You kill or you die. This is the rule in Safari of wildest animals.
These wildest animals can be your victim, enemy or prey. Tigers, lions, cheetahs are wild cats in safari. Elephants, zebras, gazelle, rhinos, giraffes are the owner of the life area since millions years ago. Arrow and the bow not only to hunt for land animals, you can shoot and hont at flying birds of the air.
This classic birds and wild birds are crows, eagles, owls, etc. Wild birds are falling to floor when arrow to stick their body or wings.

The wild Safari animals in the game
Zebra is known for its black-and-white fast paced.
The rhinoceros are known for their huge horns with a gigantic mass. Before you attack the rhinoceros, you should use the bow and hit it.
The planes are known for running very fast. In this archer game, they are the most active hunts on the land. You should show your ability to shoot moving prey.
Charms are generally cheesy safari hunters. They are known for their insincerity and can not do business on their own.
The birds are very active hunting. To pursue, to aim and to be able to hit and drop the flying bird in the air, the real hunter wants ingenuity. You can hunt eagles, horns, predatory birds like a duck hunter.
Gorillas are very strong primates. They can be aggressive. Be careful not to feed them.
Fillers and zulu are lovely safari residents. Fillers are known for their gigantic bodies, hoses and teeth, with giraffe long neck and beautiful pattern.
Buffalo is the wild bull of safarin. Wild cats can often hunt with flocks.

* Easy and very practical controls. usual joystick and two buttons for easy hunting games and shooting games experience.
* Safari hunter game, animal species more than 20.
* Real 3D hunter hame, best archer with horse.
* Super cool savanna landscape day themed sunset. Light map and shadows.
* Gradual shoot system. Feel the air flow of arrows.
* Great sounds, animal sounds, bow sound, wind sound of arrow, etc.
* 5 different gameplay speed and difficulty. Slow to fast, easy to hard.
* Realistic animal characters. They can run, escape, attack, kill, bite.
* 40 different simple to complex levels and missions
* Realistic physics. Cool archer game experience. Funny equestrian (horse-drawn) entertainment.
* Awesome flights of birds with realistic 3D physic codes.
* No blood, any blood effect or blood action.
* Seamless incense particle system for arrows. To show the arrow route.

* Each level you have 12 arrows with bow.
* For high score, you can play hard or fast game mode.
* For high score, Give priority to hunt birds.

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