The Hat — board game

The Hat — board game

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One of the most popular party office game, now in your smartphone! In The Hat - game you need to explain words and guess them!

The game is designed for a company of 3 people or more. Create teams, compete with each other, have fun!

The rules are very simple - the game shows you a word, You need to explain it in a limited time. Who of the players or teams will have more points - won.

We have selected a huge number of categories of words for You! Here you can test your knowledge in your favorite movie's, TV series, and computer games!

- More than 10,000 words
- 26 different categories of words
- 20 different team models with movie and TV series characters
- Play anywhere, at home with family, with friends, on a trip
- One of the most popular board game!
- Guaranteed a lot of positive emotions!

- No ads!