City Ambulance Rescue Driver

City Ambulance Rescue Driver

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Relive the adventure to rescue people facing various problems like off road accidents. Try yourself as the rescue worker to drive the city ambulance. Show your skills as the off road driver and city driver. Take ambulance to the spot and pickup causalities. Transport them to the hospital. Rush your ambulance to save people. As the ambulance driver your duty begin with pro driver skills with swift turns. Hill climb ambulance driving is not an easy task. Keep an eye on accidents and be ready to report on time. Pick up the emergency patients and take them to the hospital. As an on-duty ambulance you need to reach the emergency spots. Provide your 911 first aid services to the victims. This way you can save countless lives. Drive fast but keep the safety in your mind in this ambulance simulator 3d.

Drive inside the grand city, taking you further to the hill station and off road mountains. Be an offroad drive to save tourist in case of accidents or other medical emergencies. Time to show you’re cool in tense situation where you need to rush your ambulance for rescue operations in this ambulance driving simulator. Be careful with the sharp turns and the traffic rushing on the roads. A new sort of transport simulator where you need to transfer patients and accident victims to the hospital or provide them with on the spot medical first aid. Become a modern day hero as this is not an impossible but a difficult task to perform. Rescue real citizens who are in need of medical aid. The better you play, the more lives you can safe as the ambulance rescue driver.

Play & Enjoy City Ambulance Rescue Driver Sim.

Improved driving controls
City and Hill station environment
Play as the ambulance rescue driver
Save real citizens and complete rescue operations

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