Free Asia Flags and Maps Quiz

Free Asia Flags and Maps Quiz

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Asia Flags & Maps Quiz is an interesting game. It is not only fun to play, it will also help you learn about different Asian countries, their Flags, locations, Capitals, Landmarks etc.
So, are you ready to find all Asian countries in Asia continent map with Asia Flags & Maps Quiz? Are you ready to challenge yourself and check your knowledge?

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✓ All Asian countries with their Flags and Capitals.
✓ Play Asia Map Quiz to find location of each Asian country in the Map.
✓ Learn interesting fact about each country.
✓ Find out famous landmarks in Asia in Landmarks Quiz game.
✓ All Asian countries Flag, Capital, Landmark and Map in a single app.
✓ 5 Lifelines in every game. With every wrong answer, you will lose one lifeline. You can play as long as you have lifelines.
✓ No worries, you can top-up lifeline.
✓ No purchase required. It's free.
✓ You can enjoy this game in Offline network mode.
✓ Indefinite number of tries.
✓ One of the best Asia Flags and Maps quiz in the play store.
✓ Appropriate for every age group. Kids can learn and have fun.