Teamup Calendar

Teamup Calendar

نسخه ۱.۱۵.۷ (۴۰۴)
نصب فعال

Teamup is an online calendar application for groups to organize people, plan and visualize use of resources, schedule work and track statuses, facilitate signups and share events, etc. It’s easy and free. Sign in to a free user account to stay synchronized with all your calendars accessible on the Web or via the apps across all devices. Or simply connect an existing calendar with or without a user account.

Key features

• Color-coded events

• Instant sync with other users and across all your devices

• 9 levels of access permissions

• Centrally managed by the calendar administrator

• Widget for Home screen

• Link to location maps

• Option to prevent double-booking

• Support for custom fields

• Display emojis for categories of events defined in custom fields

• Easy time zone conversion

• Support for repeating events

• Support for event signup and comments

• Event filtering by keyword and custom field

• Dashboard for quick access to multiple calendars

• Offline access

• Assign one event to multiple sub-calendars with striped display

• Dark mode

Enjoy! Check out the tutorial and learn more at

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