NY City School Bus 2017

NY City School Bus 2017

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Get your chance to cruise around the Big Apple!

Drive the famous, big yellow School Bus to transport the students of New York City! The summer holidays are finally over and you’re preparing to get back to work. Take the kiddies to school on this adventurous ride! Your task is simple: pick up students and drop them off in a safe, timely fashion. But, it’s not as easy as it sounds... Experience the realistic consequences of driving a bulky vehicle through a crowded, urban city! Watch out for stray cats and dogs, pedestrians, bikes, motorcycles, and other cars. Race down highways and turn sharp corners. Become a master at navigating around traffic--these kids cannot be late to classes!

Explore two different environments: the urban city, and the suburban town. Abide by the specific traffic rules: a single violation will result in a deduction in money earned! Learn to park on a packed road and drop kids off safely. Remember to give them time to say goodbye to their parents!

Be the best school bus driver and enjoy the life on New York roads.

NY City School Bus 2017 Features:

•Exciting & Addictive game play
•Awesome jumbo school bus to drive
•Amazing New York city Environment to explore
•Super complex school bus parking challenges
•Realistic School bus Driving Physics
•Awesome Sounds & Visuals Effects to double the fun
•Different camera angles that give you more control

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