Photo / Video Compressor - Resizer

Photo / Video Compressor - Resizer

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The easy-to-use Video/ Image Resizer is a perfect choice for quickly reduce your video size, image size or resolution.

Photo Resizer allows you to easily reduce photo size without losing quality. You don’t have to manually save resized pictures, because they are automatically saved in a separate folder titled ’/Compressed files' and are accessible via build-in Gallery app.

Picture Resizer performs one simple task like resizing the image in a fast and easy-to-use way. This picture resizer maintains the picture aspect ratio by providing a resolution list based on camera resolution. Photo Resizer helps you resize photos before posting them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, Google+, VKontakte, KakaoTalk, etc.

Smart Image Resizer Features:

* Original pictures / videos are not touched
* Replace Original image / video by compressed one with single click
* Resized pictures are automatically saved in the '/Compressed files' directory
* Build-in Gallery view for viewing compressed images
* Reducing photo size maintains its quality and aspect ratio
* Very good quality of the resized photos
* Photos resized several times do not lose quality
* Very good compression result (6MB picture is reducing to 300KB)
* Predefined most-used photo resolutions
* Crop your photo
* Absolutely free

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