Manly Wallpapers

Manly Wallpapers

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Manly wallpapers is a free app that has a large collection of cool manly wallpapers and backgrounds, it is loaded with a unique and creative collection of images that will Make your device look amazing and unique.

This app will allow you to dive in various types of awesome wallpapers like; ghetto wallpaper, dab wallpaper; neon wallpaper; black art wallpaper; swaggy wallpapers; amoled wallpaper; black wallpapers; urbex people wallpaper; holographic wallpaper; dope wallpapers and so many more. You can also activate Auto wallpaper changer and it will change the wallpaper of your phone screen automatically from the downloaded wallpapers.

- Easy to use and always FREE!
- Auto wallpaper changer.
- Plenty of options.
- Set wallpaper as lock or home screen.
- Share images with your friends.
- Zoom in and zoom out to make the perfect shape.

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