Smart View

Smart View

نسخهٔ ۱.۲.۴
نصب +۲ هزار
دسته‌بندی سرگرمی
حجم ۱۴ مگابایت
آخرین بروزرسانی ۱۵ تیر ۱۴۰۳
Smart View

Smart View

Smart View TV
نسخهٔ ۱.۲.۴
نصب +۲ هزار
دسته‌بندی سرگرمی
حجم ۱۴ مگابایت
آخرین بروزرسانی ۱۵ تیر ۱۴۰۳
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Smart Things: Smart View App Let's you enjoy multimedia content from your mobile and PC on your Smart TV.

The Samsung Smart View app lets you enjoy content stored on your mobile and PC easily on your Samsung Smart TV, as well as letting you control the Smart TV with your mobile. With samsung smart you can easy to watch your favorite content on your Samsung TV.

Play content from your mobile
TV Assist, easy to connect your mobile with the TV and select videos, pictures, or even music. Your content will instantly play on the Smart View TV Cast.

Create Playlists
Create personalised playlists to access all of your favourite videos, photos, and music in one place.

Play content from your PC
Add content files or even a whole folder from your PC into Smart View, and play everything on the list in one go!

• Smart Things Smart View App
• Mirror Smart View, Samsung Allshare, Allcast
• Phone screen on a large Smart view samsung tv
• Support for all media files, pictures, videos, etc..
• Cast media files and mirror screen to TV and Windows
• Screen Mirroring - Smart Share - Android TV
• Cast photos, music & videos to Chromecast
• Cast To TV: Screen Mirroring for Smart TV
• Control your samsung Remote, Smart Remote
• Watch your movies on Chromecast TV
• Easy to connect from Smart Share App

How to use Mirroring
1. Make sure your phone/tablet and smart TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
2. Enable “Wireless display” on your phone.
3. Enable “Miracast” on your smart TV.
4. Search and pair the device.

With Smart View Samsung, you can cast your photos on your TV. Easy cast music from your Chromecast app to your Smart TV. Cast your camera video to your TV screen! Smart share app for LG smart tv. Stream phone's camera to Chromecast.

Smart things smart view app is the best smart view apps for Android. By using the SmartThings app, Samsung Smart View is an free screen mirroring, with Castto you can broadcast any files to your Samrt TV. with SmartShare you can make screen mirroring of any photos, video files, audio and other content to your Smart TV in real-time and without any delay.

Smart View Samsung Smart TV enables you to cast images, videos and music to Samsung, LG, Sony, Hisense, TCL, Vizio, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV, Xbox, Apple TV or other DLNA Devices. With smart tv cast you can stream any content to your device. Smart Share LG is a screen casting that allows you to easily open any media on the big screen, including mobile games, photos, music, videos and e-books.

With TV Cast you can control what you watch on your TV without interrupting the playback. Samsung Smart View's interface is pretty simple, designed so you never lose sight of whatever you're watching at that moment. All you have to do is connect your TV and smart device to the same network. After that, you're ready to start controlling playback.

One of the highlights of Smart View LG is the ability to use other tv smart apps on your smartphone without interrupting what you're watching! You can also watch anything you want on your TV simply by tapping the thumbnail. Smart share samsung makes controlling what's on your TV easier than ever before.

All Screen Mirroring App for Android to smart view TV screen mirroring assistant for screencasting, Cast Phone to TV with Wifi. LG smart share is perfect casting app for all smart TV like samsung or LG without Wifi just by using dongles or adaptors. SmartShare provides phone to TV, cast To TV, TV mirror, allconnect with smart cast.

Smart View Screen Mirroring - use the costo feature from supported applications. Smart View Free App is able to play games and videos with screen mirror. Smart View LG TV - Cast Phone to TV based on Miracast TV mirror technology is your best choice!

Smart View App for Android Display Phone Screen On TV

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