Penalty Heroes

Penalty Heroes

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⚽️penalty game for free⚽️

❖Compete with other user online 

✔️new features : Added online competition

✔️European Champions League

✔️Copa América

✔️World Cup 2018

✔️New stadiums and more...

so think you are a good penalty shooter or even a good goalkeeper, then it's time to show up your skills!

Penalty against different teams and defeat them.

all teams are here!

World Cup Teams 2018, European Champions League teams, Copa América Teams.

If you want to kick penalty or want be a goalkeeper, go inside the gate and take the penalty kick, download this game choose your team, play and enjoy.

There are two mode, one is just a penalty shooter, and other is the penalty shooter and goalkeeper mode.

You can choose any one that you like.

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World Cup

Copa América

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