Islamic Stories -Life Of Sahaba - قصص الأنبياء

Islamic Stories -Life Of Sahaba - قصص الأنبياء

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Islamic Stories -Life Of Sahaba - قصص الأنبياء

Islamic Stories -Life Of Sahaba - قصص الأنبياء

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✿✿ Download Islamic Stories - Life of Prophets - قصص الأنبياء for Inspiring & Motivational Islamic stories of Prophet & Sahaba ✿✿

✿✿ In Noble Qur'an, there exists a chapter 28 called as Al-Qasas (The Story, Stories), which itself is a proof that man is in need of stories and narratives.
The entire chapter 12 Yusuf (Joseph- يوسف ) in Noble Qur'an, has been devoted to the story of Prophet Yusuf, his 11 brothers, Prophet Ya'qub (Jacob - النبي يعقوب ) and Zulaikha (الزليخة).

✿✿ Many places in Noble Qur'an, stories of different prophets, kings and nations have been mentioned for us human beings to take lesson and use it in our daily life.
✿✿ Event happend in Hijri,Muharam,Shawal,Shaban, and other islamic months.
In addition, Allah (SWT) has presented issues pertaining to wars, peace, family, religion, society and many other different subjects.
By reading these accounts, we human beings can comprehend and distinguish the right from wrong. Improve our morals and become good Muslims.

✿✿ It is very important to teach Islam to our children in their early childhood. We can easily bend trees in any direction when they are still small.
But when the trees grow big and tall, even ten people pushing together is unable to bend them. Similarly,teaching the children Islam with the use of short Islamic Stories when they are young is very useful so that they follow the right direction.

✿✿ In Islamic value system, the human soul is like a light bulb. If the bulb is protected from dust and dirt, it will enlighten the area;
but if dust and dirt is allowed to accumulate on the bulb, then it will not be able to illuminate the area as bright as before.

So, this App is devoted to short Islamic Stories by Muslims about various Islamic themes, like Muslim Characteristics, Islamic Unity and Muslim Ummah, Charity in Islam, Concept of Companionship and friendship in Islam, Kindness and Generosity in Islam.

✿✿ This is a large collection of soul touching and inspiring tales along with some real life Islamic Stories that will provoke useful thoughts.
This large collection of Islamic Stories caters for the general public.
We hope that the readers, after going through these Islamic Stories and narratives, reflect upon them and take lessons from them so that they are able to create within themselves, a new impetus towards perfection of morals and God Willing, those who are endowed with laudable morals, should relate to others, for rectification and remedy of the weaker souls. As saying goes, "The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind. But the goodness of a person spreads in all direction."

Read these stories of Sahaba,make your life comfortable , bring peace and juctice in your lives following there life style,a true implementation of Sunnah and Quran.
Collection of Stories and life style of Sahaba ,a guide,how to bring peace and juctice in our lives following there life style.specialy in month of Ramadan

Informative and Useful Application,a great guide for our life,our dealings in life,both social and economic.
Islamic Stories- is actually a book form of the Life of Sahaba,a collection of over 100 Islamic stories of the Prophet (PBUH)and sahaba for you.

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