Crazy Tower 2

Crazy Tower 2

نسخه ۲.۱
نصب فعال

Build tower game - occupy planet to build the highest tower!
Dreaming about being the King, but have no princess in love by your side? Too pretty for you, they say?
It's time to show them, who's the Boss! Grab your own luck! Build the tower!
Steal the princesses and jail them into the highest of your towers. Repel the knights' attempts to rescue them. Remember - time is on your side!
Sillies still resisting? Hah!
And don't forget to ask a king for a little ransom! Being as greed as you can is the main recipe of success here.

You'll find:

- Original and amusing adaptation of tower-building theme.
- Three unique planets with it's own styles.
- Opportunity to build a really high towers. Seriously. To infinity and beyond!
- Lots of towers upgrades and improvements.
- Helpful magical spells, saving your time and nerves.
- Your enemies' pain and suffering.

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