Doctronics - electronics DIY

Doctronics - electronics DIY

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Doctronics - electronics DIY

Doctronics - electronics DIY

Anas Abubakar
نسخهٔ ۱.۵۹
نصب +۲ هزار
دسته‌بندی آموزش
حجم ۱۸ مگابایت
آخرین بروزرسانی ۴ دی ۱۴۰۲
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Electrohelper is carefully designed to address the need for electronic engineers and electronics hobbyists in designing an electronic circuit.
The app contains the electronic components reference section, electronic circuit reference section, and electronic circuit calculation section.
Tedious electronic circuit calculation such as Butterworth, Sallen-Key, Chebychev, and Bessel filter is made easier with the app.
The App features are:
Electronic components reference section:- In this section detailed information about the popular electronic components is given like Arduino board, Atmega 328, Transistor both Bipolar junction and MOSFET, Diode signal and Zener diode, TVS, Ceramic and electrolytic capacitor, Resistor, capacitor, etc.
Electronic circuits reference section:- In this section detailed information about common electronics circuits are given such as Amplifiers both class A, ClassB and Class AB amplifier, oscillators, Rectifier , Filter circuits etc.
Electronic circuit calculations section:- This section contains a lot of common electronics calculations like filter , capacitor, resistor code, 555 timer etc.
Electronic components section:-

  • Resistor
  • Capacitor
  • Inductor
  • Transient voltage suppressor(TVS)
  • Rectifier diode
  • Signal diode
  • Zener diode
  • Bipolar junction transistor(BJT)
  • Metal oxide field effect transistor(MOSFET)
  • 555 timer
  • Operational amplifier (Op-amp)
  • Arduino boards (arduino uno and arduino nano)
  • Atmega 328
  • Voltage regulator integrated circuit(IC)

Circuit section:-

  • Class A amplifier circuit

  • Class B amplifier circuit

  • Class AB amplifier circuit

  • Relaxation oscillators circuit

  • Sinusoidal oscillators circuit

  • Resistor-Capacitor filter (RC filter) circuit

  • Inductor-Capacitor filter (LC filter)

  • Active rectifier circuit

  • Bridge rectifier circuit

  • and many more

Calculator section:-

  • NE555 timer Astable multivibrator

  • NE555 timer monostable multivibrator

  • Bipolar junction transistor (BJT) analysos

  • Inductor winding

  • Toroidal inductor winding

  • Transformer winding

  • Butterworth,Bessel,Chebychev passive filter calculator

  • Sallen-Key active filter calculator

  • Inverting, noninverting and difference operational amplifier calculator

  • Resistor in series calculator

  • Resistor in parallel calculator

  • Capacitor in series calculator

  • Capacitor in parallel calculator

  • Capacitance of a capacitor calculator

  • Resistance calculator

  • Series LRC circuit impedance and reactance calculator

  • Parallel LRC circuit impedance and reactance

  • Charging and discharging a capacitor

  • Charging and discharging an inductor

  • Polyester film capacitor code

  • Ceramic capacitor code

  • Resistor color code

  • Air core inductor

  • Voltage divider

  • Current divider

  • Ohms law (current, voltage and resistance relation in a circuit)

  • Delta to star resistor network conversion

  • Star to delta resistor network conversion

  • Light emitting diode (LED) resistor calculator

  • Double pole Sallen-Key

  • Butterworth filter components value calculator

  • Surface mounted (SMD) resistor code calculator

  • Pi, Tee and Bridge attenuator

  • Radio frequency(RF) calculator

  • Alternating current (AC) power

  • Direct current(DC) power

The app can help electronics hobbyist troubleshoot electronics equipment,

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