New Real Tractor Farming Life

New Real Tractor Farming Life

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New Real Tractor Farming Life game‏ is a super fun and challenging farm driver game with full of farming simulators challenges. In this game you can manage your very own farm and get experience how a real farmer lives and works around a big countryside farm village. This simulator gives you the ultimate farming experience. Use new specialized and advance farming machines for the bigger fertilized ground and fulfill your task!

New Real Tractor farmer is the latest farming simulators game that will allow you to become a real virtual farmers! Start your agricultural career by cultivating your land. You can grow new crops, plow the field, plant the seeds in the fertilized ground, sow the land , harvesting your wheat, spraying the pesticides, watering the fields and preserving your wheat , using lots of different tools i.e vehicles, harvester, plower, spray machine, water tank. Sell your wheat for money to the market. Have fun and become a professional farmer!

Key Features :

• Realistic Experience of Driving Tractor, Truck, harvester & other Farming Vehicles.
• Real-time farming Experience.
• Realistic farm environment with HD Graphics.

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