Dice Puzzle - Dice Merge Game

Dice Puzzle - Dice Merge Game

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Dice Puzzle - Dice Merge Game

Dice Puzzle - Dice Merge Game

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نسخهٔ ۱.۰.۹
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Looking for a fun and challenging game that won't take up too much time? Classic board games can take hours to play and require a lot of setup. Dice Merge Puzzle is the perfect game to challenge your brain - while still having fun! With endless gameplay, you can enjoy the game on your fingertips — anytime, anywhere!

If you're a fan of games like Ludo and Snake & Ladder and love to roll dice 🎲, then this dice puzzle is for you. Enjoy the match-3 puzzle by matching and merging the dice 🎲 with a terrific board game. Match 3 dice game is easy to play, but tricky to master. The dice merge game has a lot to offer, trains the brain 🧠, relaxes after a long day at work, and much more 😃. Adults and kids both will love to match and merge numbers and enjoy new dice merge puzzles for hours.

You may also know dice as "number cubes" 🎲. This variant of the number cube game with the new addition of matching dice is all you need to pass the time in a fun way 🤪. You will feel as if you are playing a 3D game when playing this dice-matching game. The number merge puzzle is designed to suit all kinds of players. Download the dice puzzle game and play it daily to become a master player of this fantastic free block puzzle 🧱.

🔥 Interesting features of the dice merge game -

🌟 You can play dicedom with or without a timer ⏱️.
🌟 Customize your dice and the block number cube the way you like 🎲.
🌟 Enjoy gripping dice matching games by turning on sound and music 🎚️.
🌟 See your high score and climb up the leaderboard 🏅.
🌟 You can tap to rotate the number cubes for a better winning strategy 👆🏻.
🌟 Merging the dice game has three interesting modes 🕹️.
🌟 You can play Dice Match 3 offline; it does not need an internet connection 📶.
🌟 The dice merge game offers storage space to save a number cube for later use 💾.
🌟 This game has mind-blowing powerups to help you if you are stuck ⚡.
🌟 If you want to introduce your loved ones to this board game, you can share it with one tap ↗️.

📖 A quick and easy guide to playing this dice puzzle game -

🎲 Dicedom has very easy gameplay. It is very similar to playing a match 3 game. When you place three number cubes with the same number adjacent to each other, they merge and become one number cube with a higher value. They come with different points one by one, pick a number cube strategically, and place them on the board to match with other cubes. Number cubes might come in a pair or alone. The objective is to merge three or more dice with the same dot or number horizontally ↔️ or vertically ↕️, or both into a higher point. Dicedom also gives you storage space to save a number cube for later use.

Make smart game moves 🕹️ while matching and merging number cubes to get incredible power-ups. Like, merging the dice with higher points gives bigger powerups. Bomb power 💣 and rocket power 🚀 help you clean the board faster while playing dice match games 🎲. You can continue playing and having fun unless the block puzzle board completely fills up. This matching 3 game is much better than playing any online merge dice game. Enjoy the beautiful graphics of this fun and addictive puzzle 🧩. Merge blocks to fill up the booster bar and gain a helpful power-up.

If you are looking for a simple brainy block puzzle game, Dicedom is the one for you. Download ⤵️ this amazing dice-matching puzzle game, play it, and relish it.

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