American Truck Destruction Racing Stunts

American Truck Destruction Racing Stunts

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Become the racing crash destruction stunt truck driver and please the american cheering crowd in the arena! This is your chance to show off your crazy racing stunt truck skills and demolish as many American truck trucks as you can. So roll up your driving tires and become the best stunt truck racing driver in town!

You can become the next best awesome American crash destruction truck stunt driver and become a champion at this crazy truck driving simulator. If you have always dreamed of becoming a truck stunt racer and also love bumper trucks then this is your chance to win this crazy American truck crash destruction tournament and become the best stunt truck racer!

You will be given certain stunt crash racing objectives that will help you understand what your mission level goals are. Make sure you achieve all your goals in a given time and become the best stunt truck racer in town! Prove your crazy American truck destruction racing stunts talent and take the city with your awesome racing truck driving skills.

Make sure you don’t spare any American racing truck and cause maximum destruction in town! Make the cheering arena crowd love you for your dangerous racing truck stunts and abilities to destroy the most dangerous trucks in the arena! This is your chance to win the battle of American stunt racing trucks!

Choose your crazy American demolition racing stunts truck!
After completing your levels, unlock new awesome stunt racing truck levels.
Follow the objectives and finish your American racing stunt missions like a pro!
Completely demolish the destruction racing trucks that come in your way and win awesome reward points!
Recharge your health by going to the health charging points and gain full strength again!
Earn reward points upon the completion of your level mission!
Make the crowd happy by thrashing as many trucks as you can and completely destruct them to achieve the ultimate satisfaction!
Relieve your frustration and stress by destroying racing trucks that come in your way!
It will give you a realistic feel with its awesome realistic physics.
The crazy awesome 3D graphics will make you feel like you are demolishing driving trucks in real life.
The amazing sound effects will enhance your American truck driving destruction experience!

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