Smash Crystal

Smash Crystal

نسخه ۱.۰۴
نصب فعال
۴۴ مگابایت

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SMASH CRYSTAL is a new free merge up game. While playing, you have a great chance to win real reward and big prizes. Just merge 3 or more crystals with the same rank, achieve the best score in each run! It's time to play a real fantastic merge up game.

- EASY TO PLAY: Match at least 3 crystals with the same rank to combine them into one with higher rank
- COMBO CHAIN: Make as many combo as possible to multiply score
- SMASH & BLAST: You have a chance when merge up a new crystal to creat a magic orb that can blast another one
- RAINBOW CRYSTAL: Just enjoy biggest blast from rainbow
- HIGHSCORE: Beat your best score by merging as many crystals as you can
- POWER UP: To achieve the best results, use power-ups
- ENDLESS CRYSTALS RANK: Enjoy endless fun!