Caller Name Speaker – Speak Message

Caller Name Speaker – Speak Message

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The Caller Name Speaker is best android app which speaks the name of the caller and incoming text message. Identify the caller without looking at your phone. If your phone device is away from you it’s not necessary to go and check who is calling or who sent you sms message. The Caller Name Speaker app will do it for you. The sms talker will speak the sms message so you don’t need to pick your phone and read message.

Caller Name Speaker app uses the built-in Android text-to-speech engine to speak the incoming caller name and message sender name. It will talk the message content as well. Caller name announcer will reduce the ringtone and speak the caller id. This is a speech to text app to speak you text message content. Caller Name announcer feature speaks the caller name the instant you receive an incoming call or SMS text message.

The incoming caller name talker and sms speaker plays an important role while your device is away from you or you are busy in meeting or driving. It talks the sms content and speaks caller id and name which makes it easy for you to identify the high priority calls and messages. Sometimes you cannot just accept all incoming call or SMS text messages except the important ones. This caller name announcer app will help you do so.

It’s so annoying to get calls from telemarketer and advertisers or spam calls while you are busy in your important tasks or you phone is plugged in with charger and away from you. Its powerful text to voice converter which speaks the message content without picking your phone. The caller announcer is also very useful text message reader for android while you are driving where you can’t read sms text message. Caller Name Speaker speaks unknown numbers and unknown callers who are not on your contact list. The Caller Name Speaker works like your personal assistant and make your busy life easier.

The Caller Name Speaker can be customized according to your requirements. You can turn off Name announcing and text speaking features anytime while you are in meeting or praying. It has the option to set your native language, set the volume of Caller Name Speaker and the pitch of the announcer to listen both in male and female voices.

The Caller Name Speaker announces:

★ Calling person id and name if exists in your contact list.
★ text message content and the sender name or number.
★ If does not exist in contacts, it speaks out the number of the caller

Features :

💠 Caller Name Speaker speaks caller name.
💠 Caller Name Speaker talks sms text message contents.
💠 Enable/disable speaking caller name.
💠 Enable/disable speak incoming SMS content.
💠 Stop sms announcement and content speaking with volume keys.
💠 Stop announcements on device shaking.
💠 Set your own language voice in the option.
💠 Male/female voices to be set as announcer voice by setting the pitch of voice.
💠 Repeat mode announcements. You can set number of times the caller name will be spoken.
💠 You can set time delay between announcements.
💠 You can set your own text to be spoken before announcements and after announcements.
💠 Turn off/On Announce while silent/Vibrate mode is enabled.
💠 Custom Ringtones settings.
💠 Custom Volume Settings.
💠 Notify on all incoming calls.
💠 Do not announcer list. Exclude contacts not to be announced by the app.
💠 Enable or Disable announcement in silent and vibrate mode.
💠 Stop SMS text messages announcements with volume key
💠 Enable or Disable announcement while call is active
💠 Lower ringtone volume while announcing caller name.

Enjoy Free and lightweight Caller Name Speaker - Read text Message. Don’t forget to rate our app and if you like, share it with your friends and family and protect them from unwanted calls and SMS. Feel free to contact us.


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