People Stickman Playground

People Stickman Playground

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Stickman Playground for People: Stick Ragdoll Zombies is a new addictive game in which you can create, fight, and play with zombies in the playground.
There are numerous amusing items that you can use for your ragdoll zombie.
All you need to do is build, fight, and destroy your favorite zombies and ragdolls, and the fun can begin in the playground.
Begin destroying and fighting zombies while having fun killing them.
People Stickman Playground is a fun ragdoll game in which you can move people wherever you want. You can also play with stick ragdolls.

In this ragdoll game, you must kill people and stickmen or zombies, but some people are more difficult to kill than others. You can build, destroy, and fight very good people on the playground with a lot of machines and weapons around you.
Have some fun with the new ragdoll playground game.

Feature: - The best ragdoll physics game - A plethora of guns and amazing stick weapons - Excellent graphics and animations
- So many traps and amazing playground weapons - killing zombies - Store where you can get amazing guns, weapons, and cars
- A plethora of objects to use and construct - More ragdoll and object control futures - Exquisite zombie and human sounds
Stickman fans will love the new design and HD graphics!

Don't put it off any longer; join the people's Zombie Playground adventures and have a good time.