MechCube: Escape

MechCube: Escape

نسخه ۲.۵
نصب فعال

MechCube: Escape is the next entry in the popular Mechanical Box series of puzzle games. Your character finds himself inside a mysterious structure simply named 'The Cube' for its shape. The place has many rooms. There's a control panel in the center of each room — a puzzle contraption, and if you can solve the puzzle, you will unlock passages to more rooms.

Each control panel is a unique enigma consisting of various ciphers, logic puzzles, attentiveness tests, puzzles to test your ability to correlate information, and the ability to think outside of the box.

Your character moves from one room to another and discovers all the puzzles in this manner. By exploring The Cube, the character will fall into deadly traps, and you will unlock colorful comic-book-style endings. The overall goal of the game is to find all the endings (most of which are secret) and collect all the hidden artifacts — various references to modern pop culture.

MechCube: Escape — Game Features:

👽 Tricky riddles and hard-to-solve puzzles
👽 Gruesome traps and several possible endings
👽 Secrets, Easter eggs, and references to pop culture
👽 Colorful hand-drawn comic art and profound music score evoke the feel of dark sci-fi stories
👽 The most unique game in the Room Escape and 100 Doors genres
👽 Test your IQ level by decoding the tricky ciphers of the Mechanical Cube
👽 Puzzles range from simple to extremely hard
👽 Unique gameplay experience and captivating logic puzzles
👽 Search for collectible items within the ominous rooms of The Cube
👽 You can skip a hard room with the 'Skip' feature
👽 Regular game updates to add new puzzles
👽 The game is FREE and does not require an Internet connection. You can play offline, and take it anywhere with you!

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